See those two fabulous people to your left? Yep! That's us. Life is beautiful and we try to make the most of it through spending time with our sweet little boy and working at home together to be with each other every second of the day.

It's hard juggling work at home with a family, but it has been well worth it. Cherry Bloom Design lets us live our dreams while also providing photographers and others a way to beautify their work and enhance their own business experience.

Paul, the dear husband, is the mastermind behind all of the marketing and content management. This business wouldn't be anywhere without his brilliance and diligence to improve it.

Nikki, that's me, is the creative mind who started this business adventure and does all of the design work you see (including the website).

We hope that what we do will inspire you and also give you what you need so that you can hold onto precious memories and help others do the same.

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